Fund Raising Advisory
  • We help businesses, listed and unlisted companies, to raise funds at an appropriate costs from Investors, PE funds, Venture Capital funds, Banks, NBFC's etc. We also help in raising funds to existing/start up businesses through stake dilution. 
  • Corporates needs funds at appropriate times in their life cycle to run/grow their business successfully. We assess their requirements and accordingly recommend them for fund raising. With our expertise and experienced team we help businesses to raise right size of funds at optimum costs which may impact them in future like optimum dilution considering future needs and valuations
Business Consulting
  • Business consulting services offered on different areas such as Business Expansion, investments in other business/products, selling loss making business, areas of cost cutting, margin improvement etc
  • Businesses needs guidance and direction at various phases of business life cycle. With our experience and experience team we assess current conditions and guide businesses with right strategies, plans, shape up future plans accordingly.
  • We have successfully offered Business Consulting to our clients working in FMCG, Engineering, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Logistics, Distillery sectors. We have helped them in improving operations, systems, cost optimisation, business expansion, widening product portfolio, sales strategies, marketing tie ups etc.
Finacial Analysis
  • We help companies in analysing financial data in a smarter way. This helps companies to understand their profitability at a product/segment level, improve efficiency, streamline processes and liquidity position.
    • Business planning and Strategy
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Cost analysis
    • Management Accounting for decision making
    • Budgeting
    • Efficient use of working capital
    • Debtor analysis, Inventory analysis
Valuation of Businesses
  • We provide high quality business valuation services. This is based on the facts and circumstances, using relevant valuation approach based on reasonable, fair, independent methods. We help in carrying out valuations in the sectors like Auto, Engineering, IT, FMCG and Real estate etc.
  • Business valuations make huge difference when company or companies go for fund raising through PE , Banks or even for IPO business valuations have significant role.
  • We have offered and successfully completed services to companies for pre-IPO valuation, IPO valuation, valuation for takeover of companies, Sell out of business etc
  • We act as Independent Valuation specialist and offer our services to Venture capital companies, Private Equity companies, Institutional investors which need unbiased views on their investment deals
CFO Services

CFO Services we of fer assurance to corporates to help them in all major decisions like a in-house CFO -

  • Decisions related to make/buy
  • Strategies for growth
  • Buyout or sell a division/business
  • Improving corporate governance through transparency
  • Increasing shareholders' value
  • Prepare company for fund raising
  • Ensure proper utilisation of funds
  • Optimum capital allocation

Apart from these we also provide basic services of outsourced - accounts/finance division which takes care of routine accounting of the organisation including taxation advisory