Success Stories

Fund raising for a infrastructure company

  • An infra company appointed us for valuing and stake sell of their existing business
  • The company was based in Tier II city of Maharashtra
  • We recommend them to consolidate their three businesses under single entity
  • Funds raised (2x more than earlier requirement) on consolidated basis satisfied their requirement for next two years and diluted lower stake     than their anticipation

Valuation case of a manufacturing company

  • A manufacturing company approached us for valuing their business. They had received an offer from a Fortune 500 global companies (one of     largest player in global lighting products). Buyer company had offered them x value.
  • The company appointed us for valuing their business and negotiate valuations with buyer company
  • We valued their business at 5x and negotiated it with buyer company
  • The deal was made at 4.8x.

Advisory for a PE fund

  • A PE fund which did not have expertise in a specific sector approached us and appointed us to advise if they should purchase stake in a company
  • We advise them not to invest at existing valuation and later the company’s stock corrected more than 60%